About True Hemp Company

True Hemp Company, Mello Life brand, is a seed to the product, hemp line. The farms where the hemp grows is just a short drive from where the hemp is processed and bottled.  The fields are organic just as nature intends. The plants are carefully cultivated to ensure the highest quality hemp, high in all the most beneficial cannabinoids. 

True Hemp Company crops are grown using sustainable farming methods. This means the farm does not use synthetic pesticides or petrochemicals. Our partner farm works hard to help keep the soil at a natural balance making sure that natural soil biome stays as mother nature intends. The soils our plants are grown in has been kept organic for the last decade; good soil provides a good product. Anything used on the crops is natural and gentle minimizing the impact on the local environment.

Our whole company believes in sustainability; our bottling facility produces 50 kW of solar energy to help power the production facility. By doing this, we can reduce our impact on the environment. True Hemp Company doesn’t stop at solar energy, and we recycle, all our papers and plastics we find ways to repurpose as much as we can. Like using old cardboard boxes as packing materials. The very paper our materials are printed on is from 100% recycled paper.

We choose to use plastics over glass because the smaller carbon footprint of plastics over glass. Glass cost more carbon resources to transport, and plastic is just as recyclable.  All our plastics are BPA free.

All our marketing materials are printed on recycled paper.   We also print as much material in our facility to cut down on transporation costs from a large print shop.

By partnering with True Hemp Company, you can know you have chosen a company that is a benefit to the world. Help us give back, and care for our earth encourage customers to recycle and reuse as much as they can.


Farmed and Processed using organic methods


Bottled and manufactured using Solar Energy


Contains only natural ingredients. Grown sustainably using only natural fertilizers.