Grown with Care

Grown with Care

Located just a few miles from the bottling facility True Hemp Company’s hemp is grown at Haygood Farms, our partner in all things hemp.

Haygood Farm’s takes great pride in being a part of every step of the process from seed to shelf. Our farms are steeped in sustainable farming and longtime methods that were common practice before modern industrial farming. Working with nature to produce the highest quality hemp oil products on the market today. We are committed to the most environmentally responsible processes and production of full plant extracts. We produce all of our hemp with the belief that our hemp products are better than pure isolates (CBD oil) due to the synergistic effects of our craft cryogenic botanical extractions containing full spectrum oil.


Sustainably Farmed

We farm in harmony with nature without harsh pesticides or chemicals that may otherwise alter our product or harm our enviornment.

Earth Friendly

Our facility uses renewable energy to process and package all Mello Life products.   Our facility actively participates in recycling and volunteer programs. 

Gently Harvested

Our locally farmed hemp is gently harvested by hand to ensure the healthiest plants.   We harvest at the plant’s peak to ensure quality and consistency.